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This Drone commercial Pilot Project, led by the Ease of Doing Business initiative, represents a new era of faster emerging tech adoption in India at commercial level with precision of data driven evidence-based policy making. Due to unknown factor/uncertainties of new tech ambitious sectors willing to adopt today due to precision/efficiency but sitting on fences. This commercial pilot project will bring all stakeholders together to realize a distant dream today in no time rather than waiting for tech to develop at its own in terms of regulation, certifications, adoption, financing, CE, Use cases.

Drones Pilot Services

Prototyping for mass
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Discover the different
impact industries

Join us as we delve into the myriad domains where this groundbreaking initiative promises to usher in transformative change

Drone Services Revolutionizing Agriculture

Introducing services like on-demand pesticide spraying via drone, where farmers can request assistance through a simple phone call, brings numerous benefits. These include heightened efficiency, convenience, and the potential for cost savings.

Drone Mapping: Revolutionizing Spatial Insights

High-resolution imagery and real-time data collection capabilities, drones revolutionize cartography, urban planning, and environmental monitoring. Their agility and accessibility enable precise mapping of terrain, infrastructure, and ecosystems, empowering informed decision-making and strategic resource management.

Geofencing and assetization of land bank.

Drone Logistics: Elevating Supply Chains

With their ability to navigate challenging terrains and congested urban areas, drones streamline last-mile deliveries, optimise supply chain operations, and reduce transportation costs.

Drones in Rescue: Swift Emergency Responses

Drones offer unparalleled capabilities in surveillance and emergency responses. Their aerial perspective provides real-time situational awareness, aiding law enforcement in monitoring large areas efficiently. In emergency situations, drones deliver swift, life-saving support by surveying disaster zones, assessing damage, and providing crucial information to first responders for effective and timely intervention

Why Enterprises & Manufacturers chooses Ease of Doing Business for piloting their solution?

Ease of doing business is India’s premier emerging-tech piloting agency. We postulate that an emerging tech  commercial solution is a rollout  of technology product and services prototyped together with enabling policies ,regulations standards and financial models marking a significant stride towards boosting efficiency productivity and safety on both industrial and domestic scale. We are the only existing 10 year old emerging tech piloting agency working exclusively on technical pilots prototyping proof of concept ,dry run, trail run of various leadership techno-vision of India’s techade beyond bureaucratic boundaries and governmental limitations contributing in the vision of our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Technical Commercial Prototype

Commercial Equivalence of Adoption

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